We are a group of entrepreneurs that have a track record as founding team operators and early investors, taking commerce & technology startupsfrom idea to products-market fit.

Colleagues in a meeting

Core Focus


Enablement Software

Technology that empowers best in classconsumer brands to enhanceall aspects of their business.



Platforms that digitally connectthe next generation of buyersand sellers at scale.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Innovative products replacing the outdated ones in everyday categories with betterand more sustainable formulas.

Investment Criteria


We most frequently collaborate with founders during their Seed and Series A funding stages. We also engage in Pre-Seed and Series B rounds on select investments.

Round Size

We typically write checks up to $500k and reserve follow-on investments up to $1M.


We primarily focus on investing in North America based companies although few of our portfolio companies are based elsewhere in the world.